Beekeepers with an open bee hiveKarmix Apiaries began in 2015 with an utter lack of zucchini. After several years of poor yield in our small backyard garden, despite manual pollination attempts with paintbrushes, we decided that there MUST better way to pollinate.

Around the same time, the fortuitous meeting of a local beekeeper set us down the amazing path of suburban beekeeping and life will never be the same.

An introductory course from Urban Bee Supplies prepared us for our first flight as beekeepers and gave us the courage to get started. From the humble beginning of a single hive we were hit hard with the beekeeping bug and rapidly expanded to 11 hives by our third year.

Today Karmix Apiaries continues to expand and learn while we produce honey, honeycomb, and beeswax for sale as well as limited queen bee and nucleus colony production to help others get started with this exciting hobby.